(unofficial translation for reference only)

The name of the club is Ala-Vakkuri - Hakamäki sukuseura ry, domicile township of Karijoki and functional in the whole Finlad. The society is later referred to as "sukuseura" or as "seura". 
The purpose of the sukuseura is to study the family, its history, maintain family traditions and encourage unity among its members. 
To fulfill its purpose, the sukuseura aims to 
- organize common meetings, reunions, trips and other such kind of events connected to the function of the seura
- to collect and archive information on the family and to distribute it among the family members
- publish material that advances te purpose of the seura, and
- keep catalogues of the family members.
To fund its operations, the seura can receive testamented and/or donated property, start funds and with a due license organize fund raisings and lotteries. The seura may also own property necessary for its operation.
The seura can accept as a full member everyone who is 18 years of age, who from his/her mother's or father's side belongs to the family, or who has joined the family via marriage. The board of the seura accepts the new members.
The member has the right to leave the seura by informing in writing the board, the chairman or by announcement in the seura general meeting.
The admission and annual membership fee is set by the general assembly. The seura board may relieve a member from the payment based on the high age, illness or other similar reason causing a weaker financial position.

The children of the seura members are eligible to join as junior members, free from membership fee and ineligible to vote in seura meetings.

The seura general assemly may, based on a board proposal, invite a person to honorary member, who has specifically qualified in the seura activities. The honorary member is free from membership fee.
The seura board maintains a membership register.
4.§ BOARD 
The matters of the sukuseura is managed by the seura board elected by the general assembly. 
The board consists of a chairman, vice chairman and a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) other members.
The seat of the board is between two general assemblies. The board elects among themselves , or from outside, a secretary, a treasurer and the other necessary officers.
The board assembles after the chairman's invitation, or when he/she is hindered, the vice chairman's invitation, or at request by least two members of the board.
The board has decisive power, when a minimum of half of its members are present including the vice chairman. The matters are decided by simple majority. When the vote is even, the chairman's opinion is decisive, except in elections, when the even result is decided by drawing.

The board shall mainatain decision minutes of the meetings.
Either the chairman or the vice chairman together with the secretary or the treasurer have the authority to sign.
The sukuseura account period is one year and the active period is between the general assemlies. The account balances inclusive the necessary documents should be given to the auditors latest two/three months before the general assembly. The auditors' statement should be given to the board a minimum of one moth before the next general assembly.

The general assembly is called by the board. The invivation should be delivered at least fourteen (14) days before the assembly date either as a written invitation to the members or by an invitaion published in a newspaper published at the seura domicile.

The general assembly is held every four (4) years at a date decided by the board between april and septempber.
A supplementary assembly is called, when decided in the general assembly, or when the board so decides, or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the members so request in writing from the board.

In the general assembly, everyone who has paid the previous year's membership fee, and the permanent and honorary members have each one (1) vote.
The opinion, that has been supported by more than half of the given votes will be the seura's decision. In case of a tie in an election, the vote is drawn. Otherwise, the assembly chairman's opinion is decisive.
The general assembly has the following agenda:
1. Opening the meeting
2. The assembly selects the chairman, the secretary, two minutes revisors and when necessary, two vote counters.
3. The meeting authority shall be verified.
4. The agenda shall be approved.
5. The seura account balances, annual report and the revisors statements from the period between the general assemblies are presented.
6. The decision about the confirming account balances and granting relief from responsibility is made
7. The next board work period agenda, budget and membership fees are confirmed
8. The new board chairman, secretary and the other members are elected
9. Two revisors, and their two reserves are elected
10. The other matters given in the invitation are are handled
If the seura member wants a matter to be brought up in the general assembly, he shall inform about it in writing enought in advance that the matter can be included in the invitation.

The decision about changing the rules and to dissolve the seura shall be made in the general assembly by a minimum of three fouths (3/4) of the given vote. The invitation shall have a mention about the intent to change the rules or about the dissolving of the sukuseura.
In case the sukuseura is dissolved the seura funds will be used as decided by the general assembly deciding about the dissolving. In case the seura is terminated, the funds are used in the same manner.



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